Cardiovascular, neurological, and musculoskeletal issues are the different factors that can cause immobility. Providing maximum comfort and alleviating pain are the top reasons behind the specific difference in medical beds.

Choosing the right kind of medical beds needs to consider a lot of factors such as:

  • Functionality and effectiveness
  • Long-term usefulness
  • Cost

Enhancing a patient’s quality of life and his/her family is supported with effective medical beds. Experience with a host of medical conditions to include respiratory infections, spinal cord injuries, and bedsores are improved with the right medical bed.

Understanding the various uses and classifications of medical beds is crucial for making a patient feel comfortable at all times.

Symptoms can be alleviated by using the right kind of medical bed. Basic knowledge about the different functions of medical beds ensures the right choice.

Low Bed

Aptly named, low beds lie low to the ground. Individuals and patients that risk falling from a typical bed height benefit from low beds. Some of the patients that usually use low beds include children and patients with Alzheimer’s. Functioning like an electric bed, the low bed features electric adjustability that can be raised or lowered as needed. However, frequent help is required from caregivers or family members by patients using low beds.

Freedom Bed

The latest medical bed design today is called the freedom bed. The bed gives a sense of independence and self-reliance for patients with the lateral rotation three-part platform.

This platform allows patients to adjust to the need of the patients while they sleep even without help from family members and caregivers. The mattress connected to the three-part platform ensures accurate positioning of the patient throughout the night.

Pulmonary congestion and bedsores are eliminated by the frequent rotation of the platforms. Patients that constantly need to be elevated or use respirators benefit from the multiple features provided by the freedom bed.

Gatch Bed

Communities, medical outposts in rural areas, and hospitals that are financially strapped often use Gatch beds. The affordability, ability to position easily and durability are the top qualities of this kind of medical bed.

The spring mechanisms along with three movable sections make the Gatch bed highly functional when a patient’s knee, foot, or head has to be elevated. Patients suffering from asthma, pneumonia, and other respiratory infections are relieved of their symptoms by using the Gatch bed.

Fluid from the chest and lungs is quickly liberated when the mechanisms of the Gatch bed allows a patient to sit properly. The absence of side-to-side adjustability is probably the downside of the Gatch bed.

Electric Bed

Big city and large town hospitals usually use electric beds. The comfort and convenience features of electric beds make them the popular choice with hospitals.

In terms of design, electric beds are Gatch beds that are powered by electricity. The electric remotes and switches make the beds easy to adjust and move. Patients that need to lie flat on their backs due to illness, immobility issues, or injury benefit from the use of electric beds. The easy adjustability of the bed that even a patient can handle makes it one of the best kinds of medical beds.

Medical beds play an important role when it comes to patient comfort. Contact us at Select Patient Care to know more about medical beds.